Real Estate Law

The purchase and sale of your residential or commercial property may be one of the most important transactions you make. At Sodagar & Company we offer a full range of residential conveyancing and mortgage services, at competitive rates. We know legal budgets are not infinite, and we work to enhance your legal fees by implanting efficient strategies and anticipating costs as far in advance as possible. We provide creative solutions for challenges faced by our clients and help them to achieve their objective. There are many factors to consider and our experienced lawyers and legal assistants can advise you on every aspect of the purchase, sale or refinance of your home. Our lawyers and legal team have acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise through years of practice and focus on getting the deal done.

We have the necessary expertise to handle commercial real estate matters including the purchase and sale of apartment and office buildings. Our firm also handles transactions relating to the development of residential and mixed-use projects, real estate project financing, commercial leasing and the rezoning and subdivision of lands. We continually work with mortgage brokers and individuals on financial matters, and represent the interests of private mortgage investors.

Real estate investments are rewarding but are also a source of dispute. Our real estate litigators are adept at protecting and ensuring your rights in matters involving builder’s liens, foreclosures, construction disputes, commercial and tenancy disputes.