Real Estate Financing

At Sodagar & Company, we have a varied range of expertise in the most complex financing structures. We assist in securing conventional financing from an impressive category of lenders and borrowers and to structure tailored credit facilities.

We work with the leading financial institutions in Canada as well as private domestic and foreign lenders to enhance their offering to clients and help them deliver financing solutions efficiently. When acting for private lenders, not only do we assist in drafting deal specific security documents, we advise on the nature of the security and identify issues of concern.

When acting for lenders, we work on providing strategic advice on how to realize on the lenders objectives while providing the security needed. When acting for borrowers, we know the market and can advise our clients on the terms that can be reasonably expected in respect of various types of financing products. We routinely review complex loan documentation and are able to provide sound advice on their implications.

We work with a number of financing products to allow clients to structure risk and obtain the appropriate product for their situation, from non-recourse loans to high leverage financing or mezzanine debt. We are also versed in the leading financial tools used by borrowers to minimize their costs and manage interest rate fluctuation risk through fixed or floating rate financing.

We understand that financing is an integral part of any deal, to that end at Sodagar & Company, we work to simplify and streamline the transaction process by negotiating loan and security terms early on so as to ensure that clients can access sources of financing expeditiously.

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