Real Estate Development

Canada is a growing country, with a landmass greater than that of the United States of America with one tenth of its population, Canada’s recent major surges both in population and economic activity have translated into exponential growth in all aspects of real estate, including commercial and consumer needs in homebuilding, industrial development or commercial and retail services.

From development, construction and land-use planning to commercial leasing and property management, our lawyers are proactive, deal-oriented advisors who understand the real estate business and can anticipate and respond to the dynamic landscape.

Real estate development projects are complex business transactions. At Sodagar & Company, we have the experience necessary in assisting our clients through all aspects of their development projects.

We represent developers, builders, investors, and landlords with their development projects from initial acquisition, through the approval process, and then on to construction, occupancy and transfer of title.

Our team works with other principals, professionals and consultants as well as municipal, regional and provincial authorities to coordinate the process and resolve any issues.

We provide a full range of legal services for development related matters including:

  • Assisting with the Property Acquisition
  • Drafting Covenants, Easements and Rights of Way
  • Preparing Real Estate Disclosure Documents
  • Assisting with Financing Requirements
  • Drafting Joint Venture Agreements
  • Assisting with Subdivision and Rezoning Applications
  • Strata Lot Developments
  • Strata Plan Registration and Strata Plan Amendments

At Sodagar & Company, our lawyers advise clients in managing the conflicting needs of developers, lenders, tenants, public authorities, and other stakeholders to find common ground and appropriate, cost-effective solutions.

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