Personal Injury Law

It doesn’t take a lot of speed or a hard impact to cause injury which can manifest itself both physically and mentally.  Your health always comes first, and at Sodagar & Company we want to ensure that you are compensated fairly to be able to make the necessary arrangements for your health and your family after an accident.  The team at Sodagar & Company will fight for your interests both in and out of court, so that you can spend your time focused on your recovery.  Each injury is unique, and our lawyers review your medical records extensively to be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Many people think that a break or a fracture is more serious than soft tissue injuries, and while that may be the case for most, everybody heals differently.  When it comes to muscles, ligaments, and tendons, the long term residual effects can often be much greater.  At Sodagar & Company we will make sure that not only the effects of your injury have been accurately assessed and accounted for, but also any reasonable special damages or out of pocket expenses that you have incurred are reimbursed.  Our lawyers are experienced and committed to helping you or your loved ones make a full physical, emotional, and financial recovery.  For more information, contact Sodagar & Company today to talk to someone about your case.

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