Mediation & Arbitration

The courtroom may not always be the most efficient method of providing results.  Mediation and arbitration are an effective alternative to assist parties in reaching an agreement.  The process is private, cost effective in comparison to litigation, and provides clients with a sense of control over the situation.  At Sodagar & Company our experience allows us to recommend mediation and arbitration to our clients when advantageous.  Our lawyers are known for providing clients with an optimized path to achieve their desired result.  Having an effective strategy requires flexibility, and often times mediation and arbitration provides clients with a pragmatic solution and great value.


Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution that involves a neutral third party (the mediator) resolving the dispute outside of court.  The mediator is the middle link between the two parties and plays an important role in helping parties arrive to a solution.  Often times parties will hold firm in their relative position, and it is up the mediator to bring them to a common ground.  Arbitration is another method of alternative dispute resolution that involves an impartial arbitrator making a decision.  The key difference between arbitration and mediation is that arbitrators makes a decision that is legally binding and enforceable by parties.

We encourage the use of mediation and/or arbitration to avoid any financial and reputational risks associated through the litigation process.  An added benefit of mediation and arbitration is that disputes can be resolved before litigation starts, or even at times before trial.  The lawyers at Sodagar & Company use their extensive experience to provide our clients with the best avenue to achieve their desired result.  Their knowledge allows them to determine which process will best resolve the dispute faced by their clients.

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