Estate Planning and Trusts

Estate planning is often overlooked by many.  When you create a will, it’s a great time to think about other estate planning tools to ensure that your wishes are carried out while you are still alive.  At Sodagar & Company we help you make the decisions that matter.  We offer advice as to how to move your assets to your family in the most effective way possible.  Providing solutions to help you plan a seamless transfer of control from one generation to the next is what our estate planning and trust team is here to facilitate.  Our lawyers can work with you to develop creative strategies for health care decisions, financial planning, tax planning, trusts and ultimately ensuring your final wishes are carried out with respect to your assets.  Estate freezes, succession planning for individuals and businesses, inter-vivos trust planning (during one’s life), family trusts, alter ego trusts, joint partnership trusts and wealth planning are all amongst the services offered at Sodagar & Company.

Wealth and estate planning decisions will vary for each individual, family or business and our goal at Sodagar & Company is to minimize the risk to your assets during your lifetime, and eventually when passed to your family.  In the case of incapacity, we are able to advise our clients with methods of financial authorization and health care authorization that can provide a trusted one with the ability to make decisions throughout the process.  See our power of attorney section for more information.  Where applicable, our lawyers will work with existing investment, insurance, tax and real-estate advisors to ensure that your assets are accounted for.

For additional information or questions about the services offered at Sodagar & Company, do not hesitate to contact us.

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