Estate Litigation and Probate

Contesting a will involves challenging the legal validity of a will.  There are numerous reasons why a will may be contested:

  • not being properly signed
  • not being witnessed
  • coercion and/or fraud

Depending on the claim being made, it is up to the probate court to settle the dispute.  We assist our clients and are experienced in negotiating, mediating and ultimately litigating these estate matters if and when necessary.   Often times a person is in a position of trust or is serving in a fiduciary capacity to another.  At Sodagar & Company we advise our clients on different paths to the recovery of losses resulting from a breach of trust or fiduciary duty.

Our lawyers at Sodagar & Company act on behalf of trustees, administrators, executors, beneficiaries and individuals that feel they’ve been excluded from their share of the estate.  We assist parties in making sure their rights are not overseen due to poor drafting.  A large number of wills are self-made, or created with little guidance opening the door to uncertainty and costly dispute.  Sodagar and Company has a multitude of experience in ensuring parties who are often close family members, are provided for based on the intentions of the testator.  In addition, we act on behalf of family members and the deceased’s dependents who may feel entitled to and seek a greater portion of the estate than what they’ve been left with in the will.  Our lawyers are experienced in matters involving unjust enrichment, coercion and fraud.  The best defense in any probate case is a well drafted will.

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