Commercial Leasing

The management of commercial real estate is of strategic importance and can provide the foundation for future growth for commercial landlords. With Canada’s economic growth on the rise, finding suitable commercial landlords or tenants ought to be the main objective of your business and project management to be our objective for you. Often at the heart of commercial tenancy is the commercial lease agreement. With experience in acting for both tenants and landlords, we have a real understanding of the issues our clients face in managing commercial real estate and anticipating their future operational requirements. At Sodagar & Company, we help clients with the negotiation of agreements to lease; the negotiation and agreement of commercial leases and all supporting documentation; exit issues relating to existing premises; dispute resolution mechanisms and construction issues regarding improvements by the landlord and/or tenant.


At Sodagar & Company, we work closely with clients to identify provisions that could pose risks within a chosen strategy. These include financial obligations such as rent review, insurance, repair obligations and improvement or inducement costs. Having established whether the risk is reasonable, taking into account the market and other commercial factors, we work to agree the approach and mitigating factors that should be adopted in order to manage the risk. A material disruption to your business from the perspective of a landlord or tenant is likely to impact you economically. Our team’s prior experience of leading similar projects and working with other professional advisers means that our approach to project management allows your business to move forward efficiently and effectively.

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