Commercial Leases

At Sodagar & Company, we offer a range of commercial lease services. We provide experienced representation in commercial real estate and commercial office leasing transactions. With in-depth knowledge of matters of real estate law, our team understand the commercial leasing needs and issues faced by commercial property owners and business tenants.

The commercial leasing services that we provide, include the drafting, review and negotiation of all commercial leases for businesses, easements, zoning agreements, property management agreements, and other agreements for commercial property owners and management.

We also draft, review and negotiate special use commercial leases such as:

  • Restaurant leases
  • Shopping center leases
  • Warehouses
  • Ground leases
  • Triple net leases
  • Office leases
  • Store leases

In all commercial leasing matters, our team prepares and reviews each document to ensure that the language clearly defines the rights and obligations of each party and reduces the likelihood of future disputes. If you are a business with a new lease location, or a business that is looking to have its lease assigned as part of your transaction, we can make sure that all of your agreed business terms are included in the lease document and that adequate mechanisms are included to provide you with options in the event of a dispute.

Our firm is able to craft new and effective solutions to commercial leasing problems of nearly every type. At Sodagar & Company, we consider ourselves as part of your team and are therefore ready to help you navigate the legal processes, including litigation if inevitable. Please contact us to see how we can be of service to you with your commercial leasing needs.

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